Giovanni reading his story

Joanna Bruyere Cabral

Hello! I am an indie author and corporate accountant living near Austin, Texas. When I am not playing with my boys, you can find me scouring the internet for fun science projects or taking on DIY home projects with my husband.

Kindness And Friendliness Creates Happiness

Gio’s Friendly Garden is a story of four humble creatures using their own unique skills to help each other feel safe and hopeful. I wrote this story for my sons, Giovanni and Leonardo, to show how effortless simple acts of kindness can impact the things around them. One good deed at a time will change you, them, and the world. Invest your time in positive experiences, not objects, and you will see happiness grow and blossom like a sprawling gorgeous garden.

Elisabeth Clover

Elisabeth is an illustrator and graphic designer. She lives in Wroclaw, Poland, where she enjoys strolling the city streets in search of new things. When Clover is not designing, she likes spending time with her family and two large Maine Coon cats. Follow Elisabeth and her amazing works of art on her Instagram page, https://www.instagram.com/elisabeth_clover/.

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