Join Gio and his friendly companions as they venture from the cold and team up to help each other in unexpected and surprising ways.

“Acts of kindness have the power to make friendships—and flowers—blossom, no matter the weather. Written in verse, Cabral’s narrative shares a message of kindness by way of a friendly garden…”

Union Square Review

“Elisabeth Clover’s illustrations are perfect. After reading Gio’s Friendly Garden, do not be surprised if your child wants to explore their own backyard.”

Kristine Zimmerman – Readers’ Favorite

Hi Friends!

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A simple act of kindness can change someone forever. It’s a superpower we all have within that can be used for the greater good. Gio did, and he gained three special friends in return.


Helping was the only thing on Gio’s mind when the coldness set it. He was determined to bring his friends to safety, even when facing his own challenges.


A relationship between four friendly strangers quickly formed after sharing mutual trust and support. Continue reading to discover more about these fun characters!


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